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… For example, the Villart Micro Office is a garden studio, which measures 20 square meters, comprises a terrace and a small indoor space that has been constructed with a flat roof, a wooden frame, and mineral wool for insulation. The dark exteriors and vertical boards blend in with the surrounding trees. A stone pathway passes across a grassy area to enter the office. The commute to work is now replaced with a stroll through the garden. …

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Thermory AS – lugu meie väikemajast

A micro-dwelling that is a pleasant experience inside and out

Margus Vilisoo created a building company in 2000 in Estonia and has now developed another direction in his construction business that offers tiny, prefabricated structures for garden studios, detached home offices and saunas under the name Villart. The designs are customizable and can also serve as holiday homes and rentals.

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